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A closer look on horse tack by AbrX A closer look on horse tack by AbrX
Let's have a closer look at Abraxas' tack now, shall we? You can clearly see the two leather belts running down Abraxas' spine. They end in a loop around the tail, the so called "crupper". On a bio horse the crupper would serve the sole purpose to stop the tack from sliding up the horse's back. In Abraxas' case we asked the Fury Fantasy workshop to add it to the tack for detail and because it gives the tail a very natural curve.

Oh, you're not interested in the tack and wondering what this whole scene is about? Well, we arranged a little gathering of a whole herd of ponies in early September 2012 and formed a team of four Hexen-Horses to pull a carriage. On the left you can see Aragon, on the right Norica. Unfortunatly Abraxas' brother Nighty can't be seen on this photo.

On Abraxas

The myth of witches turning men into animals is at least as old as the tale of Odysseus' journeys, if not older. We discovered Abraxas in the late summer of 2011 when we bought mask and tack from the Fury-Fantasy Workshop. It had always been the dream of my beloved wife Arressia to handle a human pony. Later, while telling each others stories on our long roadtrips, we learned that Abraxas is actually a Hexen-Horse and Arressia is the one to call him out of me. Our life is rich and full of fantasy.
JohnnyPuppy Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012   Photographer
absolutely love this pic, such lucky horses
HorsemensWhiskey Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Personified horsemen! I love it!
I alwyas think if horse have a human form they would be the most beautiful humans!
AbrX Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I'd agree with you - even though I've seen horses in the most different variations.
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